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Things to Know before You Go Nusa Penida Tour

East Nusa Penida Tour from Bali

Things to Know before You Go Nusa Penida Tour

Things to Know before You Go Nusa Penida Tour – Nusa Penida Tour is like one of the most favorite things you should purchase if you are in Bali. Besides the location is very close to Bali, it would be a waste if you do not visit this island even just for one day.

Of course, it takes three days to explore the whole island and visit every interesting spot. However, one day trip is still possible to do not to mention how many tour agencies provide this kind of tour too.

What to Bring to Nusa Penida

If you have purchased a holiday package of Nusa Penida Tour, you might need to prepare and bring several things in the first place. Besides, these things are not prepared by your tour agent after all.

The first thing you should have in your bag is your sunscreen with at least SPF50 considering the sun is quite strong in Bali. Also, sunglasses are necessary for all trips. If you go by bike it is important to cover your body with a thin layer of sleeves.

You also need to bring a thin scarf or sarong wrap. You can use it to cover your shoulder and around your neck to protect your body from the sun. On the other hand, you can use it for a thing to sit when you are at the beach.

Also, do not forget to bring enough cash considering there is no ATM on the entire island along with places that could take credit cards.

Nusa Penida has beaches with clean water everywhere. No matter you are on the side of the island that has a lot of Nusa Penida accommodations or not, you will need a bathing suit.

By that, you will also need to bring several pairs of footwear. For example, you might like to wear a pair of walking shoes but you may also need flip-flops at the beach.

The next thing you should bring on your own is a local SIM card. It is a thoughtful idea to have a local SIM card with 4G connections in Bali. It does great in Nusa Penida too especially if you need to navigate with Google Maps.

How to Get to Nusa Penida

Things to Know before You Go Nusa Penida Tour

Considering how popular this island is today, there are at least three ways you can do to reach this island. You can reach Nusa Penida by a speed boat from Sanur and a public ferry from Padang Bai.

Taking a speed boat from Sanur is such the easiest, most convenient, and most popular options available. There are three operators and each one has different timings so you can choose one that suits yours.

Other than that, you can also go to Nusa Penida by a speedboat transfer from Serangan. This place is closer to Nusa Dua and a bit cheaper than from Sanur.

However, the speedboats are only available three days a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Other than that, they only provide service one time per day.

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The cheapest option is using a public ferry from Padang Bai. You can even bring your vehicle along if you choose to leave using this transportation. It costs less than USD 4 per person. However, it takes very long on the ocean and it does not have a fixed schedule.

Using a Tour Agent Service

If you do not want to hassle with the transportation and what to ride to reach Nusa Penida, you should use a service from The Nusa Penida Tours.

All information you will need is available on and this is anything you need to know about Nusa Penida Tour.

A Guide to Nusa Penida Day Trip

Nusa Penida Tour package is generally offered by various holiday operators in Bali. However, we highly recommend you to use the service from The Nusa Penida Tours. This tour provider will prepare and provide the best experience of you in Nusa Penida.


Nusa Penida is relatively an undeveloped island located in the south-east of Bali Island. It is not home of snazzy beach clubs, organic cafes with eye-catching spots to take pictures, and so on.

However, this island is worth the visit. Besides, it will thrill those who love nature at most. This is why visitors outside Bali would get as detail as possible information about Nusa Penida Tour in the first place.
If you only have one day to explore this island, it is very possible after all.

Nusa Penida day trip for one day from Bali is still doable for sure. If you use the service of The Nusa Penida Tours, the agent will arrange how you could go to the island in the morning by a speedboat and then get back to Bali in the afternoon.

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