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Kuber ATV Bali Adventure – ATV Waterfall and Tunnel

Kuber ATV

Kuber ATV Bali Adventure – ATV Waterfall and Tunnel

Kuber ATV Bali Adventure will make your day more memorable by trying to ride an ATV motorbike in the rural areas of Bali. The natural rural atmosphere and the excitement of Bali ATV adventures will certainly spoil your vacation in Bali. Let’s test your courage and adrenaline on a bicycle adventure while enjoying panoramic views of the Balinese countryside.

Adventure accompanied by an experienced Bali ATV adventure guide while passing through rice fields, villages, plantations, forests and rivers. Kuber ATV Bali Adventure is located in Peliatan Ubud. This is the ultimate nature walk with valleys, waterfalls and caves.

Located north of Ubud, away from the crowds, makes this trail truly natural. Great condition quad bikes, professional adventure guides. Challenging and natural tracks are one of Bali’s strengths in the Peliatan Ubud rides.

ATV Tour Packages You Can Choose At Kuber ATV Bali Adventure

Enjoy more adventure in every challenge provided in Bali at Kuber ATV. Of course with the supervision of your quad bike guide. The Bali ATV Ride exploration trip takes about 2 hours passing through the natural beauty of green, waterfalls, rivers, forests, rice fields and caves.

After arriving at Kuber ATV Bali Adventure, our professional instructor will give you a briefing on how to ride an ATV, use track equipment, safety standards and travel on cheap ATVs in Bali. The Bali ATV Ride trip takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes through the natural beauty of green, waterfalls, rivers, forests, rice fields.

Things that can be obtained at Kuber ATV Bali Adventure

Kuber Bali Adventure is an ATV adventure provider located in Payangan Village, Gianyar. This village is to the north of the Ubud tourist area

If you depart from Puri Saren (Ubud Center), it will take approximately 20 minutes to travel. You can take Jalan Raya Kedewatan and go straight north.

Because it is far from the tourist center, the route offered here is more natural and full of green views that make the eyes cool.

Apart from that, one of the unique things about the ATV adventure at Kuber Bali Adventure is that there is a unique cave track in it. This cave track is quite dark, long, and the only one in Bali.

Kuber Ubud ATV Adventure Track

Kuber ATV Bali Adventure – ATV Waterfall and Tunnel

The ATV Track at Kuber Bali Adventure has a length of approximately 3.5 KM. To reach the finish point, you have to drive for approximately 1.5 hours.

The time above may be faster or longer depending on how fast you are driving. This long route is guaranteed to give you a more satisfying and memorable experience while on vacation.

So, what are the paths you will traverse throughout your adventure? Come on, see directly below!

Rural Area With Beautiful Rice Fields at Kuber Bali Adventure

First, the ATV route will pass through rural areas, where you can see the beautiful views of the rice fields belonging to local residents.

If you come right in the season just before the harvest, then you can see views of the rice fields filled with green rice fields.

Riding an ATV while watching this green landscape is one of the exciting experiences you will get during your adventure.

Forest With Challenging Terrain

Then, the journey will continue to a forest area which also offers green views and must pass through challenging terrain.

Muddy roads with steep ups and downs will await you here. Prepare yourself and everything is guaranteed to get your adrenaline racing.

Long And Dark Cave

Cave Path at Kuber Bali Adventure which is deep in the forest, you will arrive at a unique cave path. Before entering the cave, you have to turn on the ATV lights because it’s quite dark inside.

The path to this cave is quite long. In it you have to go through bends that are slightly slippery and runny to reach the end of the cave.

Kuber ATV Bali Adventure – ATV Waterfall and Tunnel

Waterfall, Instagenic Photo Spot

Waterfall at Kuber Bali Adventure. After passing through the cave, you will return through the forest with green trees until you finally arrive at a waterfall.

This waterfall point is often used as a resting place by guides and adventure participants. You can stop for a moment here while playing in the cool water.

Before continuing your adventure, don’t forget to take some photos with this instagenic waterfall as a background to decorate your social media page.

Muddy Puddle

After you have passed all the paths above, you will finally arrive at a puddle of muddy water as a sign that you have successfully reached the finish point. In this muddy puddle, participants will do several laps around a small tree in the middle.

Safe Tips for Ride ATV at Kuber Adventure for Beginners

Kuber ATV Bali Adventure – ATV Waterfall and Tunnel

This ATV adventure at Kuber Bali Adventure is indeed designed for beginners, so you don’t have to have experience to join. So that your adventure can run smoothly, you can pay attention to the tips below.

1. Use Safety Equipment

The equipment you must use on an ATV adventure is a helmet and boots. All equipment has been prepared by the provider. So, you no longer need to bring it from home.

This helmet is quite effective in protecting the head from impacts if it falls from the ATV. Meanwhile, boots will protect your feet from hot steam from the ATV engine.

2. Understand the Basic Techniques of Riding ATV Bali

The technique for riding an ATV is actually not much different from a motorbike. The only difference lies in the way the gas is operated.

Gas operation on the ATV is done by pressing the button on the right handlebar. This is different from operating the gas on a motorbike which is pulled with the right hand grip.

Understanding the basics of riding an ATV is important so that the adventure can run smoothly. For more details, you can look for video tutorials on riding an ATV on YouTube.

3. Avoid Lowering Your Feet While the ATV Is Running

When riding a motorbike, it is not a problem if you put your foot down when you lose balance.
However, when riding an ATV, this can be very fatal, especially if the ATV is still running. Because ATV tires can grind your feet.

To maintain balance on the ATV, you can lean your body against the tilt of the ATV. For example, if the ATV is tilted to the right then you can lean your body slightly to the left and vice versa.

4. Make sure you are not under the influence of alcohol

When going on an adventure, avoid consuming alcoholic beverages or those containing alcohol. Because the influence of alcohol can weaken your concentration when driving.

Low concentration will automatically make it difficult for you to control the ATV. So, this can also invite danger to yourself.

5. Always Obey the Guide’s Instructions

During the adventure, you will be accompanied by experienced guides. You should always follow their instructions to keep your adventure safe.

Avoid acting carelessly like driving an ATV at high speed without paying attention to track conditions. This is very dangerous for your safety.

What to Bring on an ATV Adventure in Bali

Kuber ATV Bali Adventure – ATV Waterfall and Tunnel

Before going to an adventure spot, there are several things you need to prepare for a better experience, including:

Extra Clothes

Prepare a set of change of clothes before you go on an adventure. Because, the clothes you are wearing are guaranteed to be dirty and wet after passing through muddy tracks.

You can store it in a locker first. After the adventure is over, you can clean yourself first before changing clothes.

Plastic bags

Bring a plastic bag to store your wet and dirty clothes. This is important to prevent your backpack from getting wet and dirty.

Adventure operators currently no longer provide plastic bags, so you have to bring your own. On an ATV adventure, you should not forget to apply sunblock or sunscreen before starting. This is important to protect your skin from sun exposure during outdoor activities.

You certainly don’t want to go home with patchy and dull skin, right? So, don’t forget to bring it.


A camera is not a mandatory thing to have on an adventure. However, if you want to immortalize every moment during your adventure, of course you must bring it.

Make sure the camera you bring is equipped with a special case that can protect the device from water splashes.

Extra Money

Lastly, don’t forget to bring enough extra money for your personal needs such as buying food or drinks after the adventure.

How? Ready to try this exciting ATV adventure at Kuber Bali Adventure? Get tickets now

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